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All tourism activities at Abruzzo Tours have been suspended for an indefinite period of time, including "Food and Wine" and Custom tours

Abruzzo is not for everyone. Beyond its larger cities, it is rural, lacks the infrastructure in its mountainous interior to accommodate mass tourism and makes no concessions to American tastes. But if you've been looking for a traditional Italy, an Italy that holds on to its old ways and traditions (festivals, crafts, farming, shepherding and cooking), it's right for you. If you are open to experience and hungry for a taste of an Italy beyond the usual tourist destinations, Abruzzo will reward your straying from the beaten path.

Abruzzo Tours takes special care of guests: this is something we do out of passion and pride. It's 15 years now that we have been escorting groups and individuals from all over the world, to every single corner of Abruzzo. It is a pleasure and a privilege for us to be able to introduce our visitors to the Abruzzese unique, lively culture, to assist them in discovering the heritage and culture of a region that was rich in civilization well before the Romans, its ancient traditions, unspoiled natural beauty, amazing artisanship and unparalleled artistic treasures ... In addition to our regular "Food and wine tours", we create itineraries for clients, offering customized travel and genealogical services.

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